Volleyball Practice Points and the Volleyball Cauldron

Practice Points-
Volleyball practice points are the more simplistic version between volleyball practice points and the volleyball Cauldron but both can be of value to you and your program. Volleyball practice points can be used as a great motivator as well as give you the coach invaluable feedback on how your players are doing, who is performing better each day and week and will help you determine playing time and help the players understand why some get more playing time and others less.

One of the major complaints at every volleyball club and high school is politics/ drama. We want to minimize this and provide an environment where volleyball players are held accountable for their actions and start to understand how the world works. Life is not fair. You don’t get things just because you want them and you may not get them even if you work really hard. Sometimes someone else is just better. It’s a hard lesson but such a valuable one. Practice points will help eliminate all appearance and presence of politics, favoritism, seniority, bias or happenstance, etc. Your volleyball team should be about tangible facts, holding each player accountable for their performance and improvement and providing an environment that is as fair as possible as far as everyone has equal opportunity to EARN starting and playing time.

The Volleyball Cauldron is the ultimate individual performance statistical database and tool for determining each individuals performance on a daily basis as well as your volleyball team as a whole and it ranks your volleyball players according to their performance.

What is the Volleyball Cauldron?
The Cauldron, in its original form, is the work of Anson Dorrence. Coach Dorrance is the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of North Carolina. Anson had one day where he stated and measured practice and based upon that one practice he selected his players to start and play. His inspiration was Dean Smith. Coach Smith has more Division One Men’s Basketball victories than any other coach. He also coached at the University of North Carolina.

The Volleyball Cauldron at the University of Redlands is a statistical spreadsheet that ranks athletes based upon their daily performance- a performance index. There are certain categories within the Volleyball Cauldron and these categories correspond to certain activities: fitness, individual performance, small groups, 6’s and Match.

Volleyball Fitness- All fitness measurements: sprints, weight training, vertical jump, core body strength and the Ladder Test. Every measurable physical component is included in this category.

Volleyball Drill Scores- This accounts for the “gamer” and “chemistry” factors. It ensures that each drill stays competitive until the very end. For example: the winning team would receive 25 out of 25 on a drill that went to 25 pts. The losing team would get their score out of 25 pts.

Volleyball Practice- These are activities that occur in practice. Every set, hit, block, serve, dig, pass and error.

Volleyball Matches- All external competition statistics. This includes all the same stats from practice but perhaps not all of your volleyball players will compete in a volleyball match. This will not hurt or help those who don’t compete in matches, they will receive a blank score for the day.

How does it work?

Scoring/ Standardize- Every skill and physical test is “standardized” to 100. In order to standardize we set a gold medal standard.

When we compete in small groups or on 6’s we will also award points to the winning and non winning sides. This variable helps to account for the “chemistry” factor as well as those athletes who may not have the best individual stats but somehow find a way to always be on the winning side/ make their teammates better. Awarding points to both the winners and non winners keeps everyone competitive to the very end to minimize the point difference. This variable is weighted more than individual stats.

8 Day Running Total- We keep a running total for 8 days. When we get to the 9th day, that information replaces the 1st day, or rolls over.

The fitness categories are the exceptions. At the end of a conditioning cycle each athlete is tested. The new testing results replace the old. Therefore, the fitness categories change every testing period, not, every 8 days.

We will cauldron everyday. All competitive volleyball activities/drills will be a part of the cauldron. Volleyball drills or activities that are of a teaching nature will NOT be in the Volleyball Cauldron. Statistics may be taken, but they will not be entered into the Cauldron.

Why Use the Volleyball Cauldron?

To assist in measuring our performance related to the statistical standards for each skill.

To increase the level of competition within our practice environment.

To ensure each athlete is held accountable for their own performance on a daily basis.

To assist the coaching staff to evaluate each athlete based upon their individual performance in a tangible format, thus limiting personal coaching bias which are subjective.

Allows players to have a better relationship with each other and with their coaches because they don’t have to worry about playing the “favorite game” or worrying about politics.

Allows the coaching staff to have a better relationship with the players.

To more adequately replicate the physical and mental stresses and pressures that close matches demand of players.

To help insure that players continue to work hard and improve all season long.

Teaches each player an important lesson of accountability and learning to EARN those things in which they want. Limits the sense of entitlement and puts the onus on the players.

If you are interested in purchasing the Volleyball Cauldron please go to www.archersports.com for more details.

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One Response to Volleyball Practice Points and the Volleyball Cauldron

  1. alexis says:

    This was made for the people low on the “totem pole” who don’t get as much attention from the coach but are better than those who are starting all the games. This is a great motivater, and it puts into account that EVERYTHING you do in volleyball MATTERS: its a ripple effect, if you don’t make a good pass to the setter, then the setter can’t make a good set to the hitter, and then the hitter can’t make a good hit/spike. Best strategy ever made for volleyball. *Bump!Set!Hit!*

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